dancing above the waves


I only hope that nobody else saw what I did ...

Wealthy Bostonian Jack "Scooter" McCalister has it all—money, charm, and the devotion of two different women: Sherry, his high-society wife, and Erica, his island-born mistress. But while driving recklessly to catch a ferry one rainy morning, Jack strikes a young girl and leaves the scene of the accident, not even bothering to see if she is alive or dead. With this one fateful decision, Jack's perfect world shatters.

Like a coastline lashed by a wintry sea, guilt and confusion wreak havoc on Jack's carefully managed existence. He struggles to keep the pieces of his life together until a dangerous witness to the accident begins blackmailing him, threatening to expose the truth. Pushed to the brink by his unknown tormentor, a double life, a faltering magazine business, and his ever-present remorse, Jack is caught in a web of lies.

Now, Jack must break free before he loses his career, his sanity—and his life.


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Here’s what Amazon readers are saying in rave reviews–

“A great read and a page turner.”

“... an intelligent story of psychological suspense.”

“The plot held many twists and turns that kept me reading long into the night.”

“I loved the descriptions of people and places in Boston and Cape Cod.”

“The premise of a hit-and-run accident and its tragic consequences was riveting.”

“A surprisingly delightful dip into the turbulent seas of a dissolving marriage.”

“I highly recommend this book. Go to a beach, sit on a plane, cozy up to a fire and enjoy.”

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